A Night Under Shooting Stars

Fanshawe College - Centre for Digital and Performance Arts (137 Dundas St.)

Do you like magic? Shooting stars? How about out of body experiences? If so, keep reading! A once in a lifetime free magical outdoor event that fuses today’s best ambient electronic / acoustic acts from London (Raised By Swans, You’ll Never Get to Heaven and Wormwood ft. Koine Project) with the art one of London’s most creative visionaries (Gabriella Solti) is happening at Dundas Street Festival in Market Lane / The Good Foundation Theatre (Fanshawe College Downtown).

You may want to bring a blanket to blissfully gaze upon the electronic animated starry sky while being serenading by our incredible music acts 


Gabriella Solti, a London-based visual artist, invites the public to participate in SHOOTING STARS and FIREFLIES, a collaborative, performative artwork that aims to simulate two spectacular summer phenomena in London, shooting stars and fireflies.

Shooting Stars is a light performance Gabriella produced for the Market Lane’s light canopy with technical assistance from the very talented Emily (Liam) Wallner, a student of Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts – Technical Production program. It is a creative data visualisation condensing the 12 most prominent meteor showers over the last 30 years. The data is taken from the meteor shower calendar of the American Meteor Society, and historical data from scientific publications.

Each meteor shower is represented with different a coloured light while the night sky is formed by dark blue LEDs. While we can’t produce a velocity of 44 miles/sec (Leonids), or 41 miles/sec (Orionids) on the light canopy, the speed of the meteors in relation to each other is scientifically accurate, as is their Zenithal Hourly Rate (the number of meteors a single observer would see in an hour of peak activity). The light performance also takes into consideration the phenomenological characteristics of the meteor showers, persistent trains, bright fireballs, faint (Delta Aquariids), or bright, intensely coloured (Geminids) meteors.

Thirty years (1987-2016) are condensed into 90 minutes thus one year equals 3 minutes, one month 15 seconds. Meteor showers do not fill the sky consistently every month, so while some months are bursting with activity, the canopy sometimes goes quiet. Just like real stargazing, a moment filled with anticipation can suddenly erupt with a plethora of vibrant fireballs. If London’s light pollution, bad weather, or bad timing prevented you from observing shooting stars in the past, this is the time to make up for the last thirty years.

While the light canopy night sky entertains us with colourful shooting stars above our heads, Fireflies will produce just as spectacular light performance on the ground with the active participation of the public. Using simple creative construction techniques, clear food wrap and tiny multicolour flashing LED lights we will make small, lightweight and soft light balls that will rhythmically flicker in a multitude of vibrant colours. Then we will act like a firefly: throw the balls to each other, catch, throw back keeping them constantly in the air. In doing so, we will take our choreographic cues from real fireflies for whom the flashing glow is a tool of communication, expressing attraction and repulsion, desire and defence. Beyond having fun through making and playing, my project promotes community connections and taking social risk through collaboration.

You can also turn the fireflies into shooting stars. Throw the light ball across the street as far as you can to set in motion your very own shooting star or acting in unison with your friends you can even form a meteor shower.

Gabriella will be at the Market Street Alley from 6 pm on September 17th teaching the public how to make their fireflies until materials last. There will be materials for up to 100 fireflies/fireballs provided at no cost courtesy of Dundas Street Festival, and participants can take home their fireflies.

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Free Admission | Fully Accessible | All-Ages